Re: UTLX NG conversions

Bill Daniels <billinsf@...>


Forgot about Bill Horky's contribution to this
kit...the instructions for my kit have long since
disappeared (Bill is an old friend of mine, and lives
a couple of miles from my place here in Tucson). If
PBL used Bill as a source for this car, then it should
be good. It's some of his other data that is

And there should be no reason why you cannot revert
the car back to standard gauge...should make an
interesting car. I don't think that the Conoco (CONX)
cars were former UTLX cars, and if you aren't familiar
with the Grande's facilities at Alamosa I can forgive
you the comment about their lack of ability...if they
could roll new boiler shells there (and they could)
there would be no reason why they couldn't construct a
new tank...although they would more likely convert an
existing tank from an obsolete standard gauge tankcar.

Next time I see Bill I'll ask him about the history of
these tanks...but it might be a while. Our orbits
don't match too much these days.

Bill Daniels
Tucson, AZ

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