Re: Milk Car Placards

Malcolm H. Houck

And speaking of milk cars, Mal, who is this Muller Dairy you mention?

Muller was an upstate diary operation that shipped to New York City. The
photo image I have is a frame "captured" from a B&W movie taken on one of
the Railroadians of America fan trip. I can only tell that the movie clip
was taken
ca. late 1930's because there was also an NYO&W 1200 Series ex-URTX car
in the consist, to serve as a very crude dateline.

The most interesting thing about the clip was that the Muller placard was
on the
side of a demountable tank on a flat car! The clip, as near as I can tell,
was shot
at Oneida.

The same movie also had a clip of an MTS flat car with the four short
Hohnecker Dairy tanks.......loaded across the car. Motor Transport
its container system in a leased portion of the O&W shops on Wisner Ave.
in Middletown, and so what few cars were ever in service rolled over the
and especially so since the up country diary was on line at Sherburne
Four Corners, NY.

This is a new one on me. Jetter I am aware of and, as you both know, have
offered decals for in the NERS line but was NOT aware they ever used any
enameled signage.

Without much better information than that with respect to Muller I believe
Jetter experimented with demountable tanks, and also in a very few frames
of another fantrip movie was one clip of a Jetter placard tank on a flat.
not sure where the film was taken, but my sense is that it may have been on
the Harlem line........sensible since I understand that a Jetter facility
was located
in the Bronx.

Can either of you expand upon this and provide sources
for photos?

More than above, I cannot, and not really that would pass a muster with
most of this group..........a "wisp" here, a "glimmer" there......a shadow
above all..........

Would also be interested in learning if either of you have any
thoughts on good decals for the Dairylea cars with enameled metal placards
as well or the painted script Dairymen'as well or the pain

Well, I have use a portion of an old Champ set for the "League" script, and
for others I have crafted the more plain placards on the computer with
Corel and then printed them out on Presentation Paper, sealed the edges and
glued 'em up.

Mal Houck

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