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Armand Premo

Tony,My question is really more about the type of roof.The color is easier to correct.Both the KCS and SP models have the same type.Wasn't aware of your interest in mountain climbing. <VBG> Armand Premo

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Armand, I'm on vacation in the Tetons till next Wednesday, and I don't recall offhand what color the roof is on the model. I will check when home, and let you know. Tony Thompson

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> Tony,While working on my "Shake and Take" SP boxcar ( without plans) I was wondering about the correct color and roof.I also noticed that the roofs were the same on the "Shake and Take" KCS boxcar.Armand Premo
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> Eric Lombard wrote:
> > I was not aware that SRECo later called the roof with raise panels "Solidsteel" for a while , also. Thanks for pointing that out. As a broader STMFC topic I would be very interested in knowledge that the group can bring to bear on the origins and early use of "Improved Steel" roofs - in form if not in name. I'll start another thread for this.
> Richard Hendrickson may wish to chime in on this, as I know he has researched it extensively, but I would urge GREAT caution in any interpretation of the word "improved." In the flexible metal roof days, there seem to have been "new models" introduced annually by several of the manufacturers, often called "new" or "improved" or both, often without visible external differences. If you browse Cycs from the 1915-1930 period, you will find a great deal of this, and even more vividly if you browse the ads in Railway Age in those same years. It is a bewildering array of "products," right in there with truck sideframes, which were also offered in virtually inexhaustible variety by all the companies. Once sold steel roofs arrived, it is less complicated, but until 1940 there were still multiple "models" of roofs on sale.
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