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When I tried, their feedback site was overloaded and frozen.   -- John   --- In, <Lake_Muskoka@...> wrote: WRT the crazy text we're seeing... while Yahoo picks it's nose and considers what it will do, here is a simple solution for those folks who use the Yahoogroups window to post: hit the reply button as you always have done and when the text comes up... select it all, do a copy and paste into a new message in the e-mail account you used as your profile (when you registered), repeat that step for the title, write your reply, hit send. The rest of us will be able to enjoy your comments once again.

Dave Nelson

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Group members ...

... if you've been neo'ed ... and you don't use the "feedback" feature of Yahoo groups to tell them what you think of it ... then only you can be blamed for them continuing down that path (if you don't want them to do so).
- Jim Betz

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