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Armand Premo

For the record Mike ,of 249 hoppers on Rutland train #9 in December of 1950 there were actually three N&W hoppers.All were triples.Armand Premo

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Don Valentine writes:

"This maybe the luck of the draw but has also caused me to
wonder just how many C&O hoppers ever made it to northern New England
rather than spent their entire lives in tide coal traffic. The same
seems to be even more the case with N&W and Virginian hoppers. Can
someone offer some knowledgeable advise on this topic?"

Well, as I have noted before, the term "tide coal" doesn't work when you
refer to N&W hoppers...assuming you refer to the Atlantic coast "tide". From
Richard Prince's Norfolk & Western Pocahontas coal carrier, pg 240, "In 1948
N&W originated 52,000,000 tons of coal. Of that, 22,000,000 tons went west
by rail. 10,000,000 tons went through Sandusky and Toledo Great Lake ports.
Of the remaining 20,000,000 tons going east, about 10,000,000 tons went
through Lambert Point [ tide ], 2,500,000 tons went into the Carolina's. The
remainder went north into Maryland and DC and the rest was consumed in VA.
However, as you suggest, little if any went into New England...wherever that

Mike Brock

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