Re: ADMIN: Yahoogroup Changes

Tim O'Connor

The photos section is much slower and more difficult to use.
It's especially more difficult to download images! Ugh. I know
it's not STMFC's fault but I wish they'd let people CHOOSE.

Tim O'Connor

Well, I have taken a look at Yahoogroup's feed back results and I can report
that the current vote in favor of RETURNING to the pre NEO format is 27024
to return. Yahoo responds with:

"Today we launched our first update to the Groups experience in several
years and while these changes are an important step to building a more
modern Groups experience, we recognize that this is a considerable change.
We are listening to all of the community feedback and we are actively
measuring user feedback so we can continuously make improvements."

More "modern"? Now, that in itself is rather discouraging. Who knows, we may
have to communicate via some sort of "Rap" format soon. Whoever wrote that
surely has a well paid position waiting for them in the higher areas of the
US Govt [ if you'll pardon a brief venture into the world of politics ]. I
mean, making "improvements IS the problem after all, not the solution. Sigh.

Several other negative suggestions received thousands of votes as well. In
every case, Yahoo responds with some form of "We're working to fix the
problem some day." Yes, it is amazingly user unfriendly. At times Yahoo
seems to imply that the new format is better than the previous because they
say it is. They also seem surprised to discover that some aspect of the
"new, modern" system doesn't work.

I would not hold out hope that Yahoo will return to the previous format
because I sense that $$ have been spent generating the new format and, thus,
someone, somewhere will be in trouble if we users don't embrace the new

Even the feedback format seems strange. All we see is the number of votes
apparently in favor of a suggestion.

I am actually not complaining too much because the NEO boys have not found
me yet...apparently.

Mike Brock
STMFC Owner <?>

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