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Armand Premo

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Tim O'Connor writes:

"However, if I understand Mike's unusually
obfuscated argument,"

Odd, I thought it was rather clear. And, I'm not arguing anything. Just
reporting on something Richard Prince argued.

"...these cars could have been routed via Maryland
(Hagerstown etc) or Washington D.C. -OR- they could have been
routed "west" through interchanges that resulted in the cars
travelling along either side of the Ohio River into PA and NY."

They might even have been routed through Memphis for all I know.

"So I'm guessing Mike does allow for a small number of N&W cars to bring
coal directly to New England states."

Actually, Mike doesn't allow much of anything except possibly that when all
this happened [ 1948 ] Mike was MUCH more interested in Sharon East than N&W
hopper cars. Richard Prince, however, had, I guess, never heard of Sharon so
I can understand his interest in N&W coal traffic.

"Three hoppers in 30 days is one
hopper every 10 days -- worthy of modeling IMO if your operations
can accomodate regularly irregular visitors."

And, to be sure, I don't care if a modeler uses nothing but N&W hoppers
painted blue. My reason for replying was to inform those interested that N&W
coal traffic was NOT simply that to New England [ wherever that is ] and
tide water [ Norfolk ]. Incidentally, there are some nice photos of complete
trains of N&W hoppers being pulled by Santa Fe 2-10-4's on the Pennsy and
trains of N&W hoppers being pulled by NYC diesels. Both of these were
northbound to the Great Lakes.

Mike Brock

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