Re: New InterMountain C&O hopper

Benjamin Hom

Tim O'Connor wrote:
" would be nice to know the DEC/JAN/FEB data -- coal
in small volumes is most likely to be consumed for heating
in the winter, and the only N&W cars listed here are in March
and October, which are colder months in Vermont -- but not the
coldest months! :-)

I assume this is all hopper car data we're looking at? If so,
what could have caused that burst of hopper cars in July?"
It would be nice to know the data, but unfortunately, this is all I've got.  (Hence my comment about looking at this through a straw.)  This is indeed all hopper car data - as for the "burst" in hoppers in July, look again at the number of days covered.  The "burst" is simply more data points.
Ben Hom 

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