Re: FtDDM&S 11052 ID?

Eric Lombard

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              7-54    4-55   10-55   10-56  10-60
--------------------------------------------------- DT&I 17000-17999    686     607     302     198     66
11000-10066    ...     ...     ...      50     66

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Tim O'Connor wrote:

"My copy of Classic Freight Cars Vol. 3 is a reefer book -- no box car on page 25.

I checked Vol. 1 as well. Can you check your reference?"


Trying to do too much at once today between getting boxes unpacked and organizing model projects.  Correct reference is Henderson, Classic Freight Cars Volume 7: More 40 ft. Boxcars, page 25.


"Did you check Mainline Modeler, July 1988? My notes only say it has an article on

DT&I single sheathed USRA box cars."


All of my Mainline Modelers are in storage, but I'll take a look next chance I get.



Ben Hom

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