Disassembling Kadee 50-ft PS1 boxcar

Bill Welch

Years ago when they first came out I purchased several 40-ft.
undecorated InterMountain PS-1's each one destined for a specific
model and one 50-footer to be done as a Southern model. At some point
Des Plaines did the Black & Silver Central of Georgia 50-ft. car
which at the time I knew I would have to work on it since it was for
a car built in 1956 and I needed the 1954 delivery. At the recent
NMRA Convention in Atlanta I attended Todd Horton's very fine clinic
of CofG boxcars that featured their 50-footers and then purchased
several in-service photos of the 1954 cars at the CofG booth. Thus
inspired I took out the painted kit box to see what was ahead of me
beyond having to change the car number, which I was now better
prepared to do since I has also purchased a Microscale set of CofG
covered hopper decals that had the proper black numbers at the CofG
booth. I knew I was going to have to change the sill as the CofG
examples had a tabbed sill rather than the continuous sill on the
InterMountain molding. I wondered if the old Robin's Rails molding
had the tabbed sill or maybe the Kadee version. If so, I thought I
might prevail upon someone in this group to do a tracing so that I
could create a template to do the cutting. While looking at the Kadee
site I saw that they had offered the CofG version with the correct
sill profile, although again in the 1956 version.

The various Kadee releases were long sold out but they have a data
base for finding dealers with their releases and I found a dealer
that had two in stock. As I contemplated all of the work required on
the sill of the InterMountain model sanity set in and I ordered the
Kadee version. To be clear the model I will have will never achieve
exactly the 1954 CofG version since it had 8 panels on each side of
the door which is why Kadee will never do this group. But by painting
the black roof with a galvanized looking paint mix and changing or
painting the running board too, along the number change and altering
the reweigh and lub data, I will be pretty close. I am also going to
re-detail the u/f as I don't like the look of the rods and the brake
components look undersized to me.

I know the Kadee models snap together. Is the underframe attached by
any of the screws or is it snapped into place. I assume I can gently
pry off the running board system. What about the supports at the
ends. Do they fit into small holes. Any tips for disassembling will
be helpful as the Kadee cars are totally new to me. Thank you!
Bill Welch
2225 Nursery Road; #20-104
Clearwater, FL 33764-7622

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