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Michael Watnoski

Hi Tom,

The text is still a mess. This what I received using Thunderbird E-mail.


On 9/2/2013 9:34 PM, wrote:
I am also sending this from the STMFC web site. I received an email from Yahoo earlier today &nbsp;saying they had fixed the line break problem with replies. This a test, putting&nbsp;two line feeds here<> &nbsp; I have done nothing with the quoted text, I presume it will appear below, with, if everything is fixed, Tim's line breaks intact. Single line feed here<> If they haven't fixed the problem (replying from the web page), all this text will be run together. If that's the case, I'll delete this message as soon as I see it. For what it's worth, I cannot reply only to Tim, so that remains an issue. Three line breaks, then my name<> &nbsp; &nbsp; Tom Madden

--- In, <> wrote:

I am sending this message from the Yahoo web site as an experiment, to see how it looks. I installed this FIREFOX PLUGIN that Jim Cook shared on the MFCL -- it reverts Yahoo groups to their old appearance.


Tim O'Connor


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