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George Courtney

I am reply to the Yahoo complaints board that with this move they are becoming the new JC Penney's.  I say that in all sincerity.   George Courtney  

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As it appears after being sent thru my ISP and pulled into Outlook 2013 on my PC.

You should clear your cache and try it again (on the odd chance you were still using the page in your cache that still had the old code).

Dave Nelson

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I am also sending this from the STMFC web site. I received an email from Yahoo earlier today  saying they had fixed the line break problem with replies. This a test, putting two line feeds here<>   I have done nothing with the quoted text, I presume it will appear below, with, if everything is fixed, Tim's line breaks intact. Single line feed here<> If they haven't fixed the problem (replying from the web page), all this text will be run together. If that's the case, I'll delete this message as soon as I see it. For what it's worth, I cannot reply only to Tim, so that remains an issue. Three line breaks, then my name<>     Tom Madden

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I am sending this message from the Yahoo web site as an experiment, to see how it looks. I installed this FIREFOX PLUGIN that Jim Cook shared on the MFCL -- it reverts Yahoo groups to their old appearance.


Tim O'Connor


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