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Sam Reynolds

I realize that the cars I tested the Dollar Store product on aren't representative of "Steam Era Freight Cars", but I gave LA's Totally AWESOME a try on a Robins Rails 60' auto parts boxcar and a Walthers 2-bay PS-3 hopper.  I had made numerous attempts to strip the paint from these cars using other products, but to no avail.  After letting the cars soak in LA's Totally AWESOME for 4 days the paint came off of the cars with no problem at all.  Not sure yet if less time would have yielded the same result.  16 PS-3 hoppers are now awaiting their time in the soak tank in order to be painted and decaled for the L&N.

Sam Reynolds

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I have changed over to a product I buy at the DOLLAR TREE. IT is called
LA's Totally AWESONE. It is marketed as and All purpose concentrated cleaner
*de greaser *Spot removers. No Acid No Ammonia No bleach NON flammable.

I have used it on all kinds of plastic and on brass and all kinds of
paint including Scale Coat 1 and Testors with good success.

I HAVE TRIED IT ON RESIN. So try it on a small area or piece. There is no
chemical information on the bottle. I use it full strength and I have
strained it and poured it back into another bottle and used the same to strip
again with success. It turns the paint into liquid with little or no solid
left. The toughest strip I have had is an ATKA GP7 in CNW Green and Yellow and
this stuff was thick.

The cost is $1.00 for a 32 oz. bottle.

I have not affiliation with this company.


Greg Martin

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I know we've gone over stripping umpteen times... but I need some specific
advice: I painted a Sylvan resin kit with some Testors enamel, but the
application was too thick. How do I strip it and start over, without damaging
the resin? What can strip the enamel without ruining whatever resin
Sylvan is using? I have alcohol available, brake fluid too (old school!), but
don't have ELO or Chameleon.

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