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Paul Hillman

Jeff, I found a Yahoo phone # but it said "Too busy to answer your call" and hung up. For me, this is quite a nice Yahoo-mess that they've gotten me/ (us) into to.


Paul Hillman

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Thanks Jeff, but I tried all of that. The "Purple" buttons seem quite logical in their suggested functions but they don't fully work.  The "New Topic" window doesn't provide any space to type a message, but allows a "Topic" input .


I did the photo process as you said, but it doesn't work.


I of course went to YAHOO "Help" but coudn't find a solution, that's why I wrote to this group.


Does YAHOO have a phone number? I can't find one.


Thanks, Paul Hillman

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To create a new message with a new topic (new subject), click the purple "New Topic" button.

To upload a photo, you must know one new rule: All photos MUST be in an album.  This is probably a good idea, as it keeps the photos a little more organized.  To upload a photo to an existing album, first find and click on that album, then click the purple button "+ Add Photos".  To create a new album (and then put pictures in it), click the purple button "+ New Album".

In general, the purple buttons are the ones you want to pay attention to.


-Jeff Aley

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I saw the recent discussions here about the new Yahoo formats, but hadn't tried to post anything in the new system. Then I tried to post some photos to 2 different groups and I can't do it. I also couldn't post a new message to this group but was able to get thru as a reply to an existing post.
I click on "Photos" and it connects to the albums. Then I click on an album and it goes into the album. Then I click on "Add Photos" and a window comes up saying, "New Album", which I don't want to do or add. Then when I click on the "Cancel" it won't exit the screen, locks up the whole page, and I can only get outta there by clicking back into "Home" or "Mail" from my top-of-screen "Address Bar".
I don't think there's anything wrong with my computer (Windows 7). Am I doing something wrong or is YAHOO goofing-up? (Dumb question???)
Also, Mike Brock, you must be quite ecstatic that the UP Big Boy 4014 is going to run again. I've seen the 4-6-6-4 running thru here in Houston, TX. Can't wait to see the Big Boy come thru here 500 feet from my house.
Thanks for any help, Paul Hillman

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