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Bill Schneider

At the risk of jumping in on a “me too” post… Me too!

In fact, there are two freight car articles in a row if you consider the continuing DL&W/C&IM caboose series.

In the spirit of equal coverage, I could also point out that there are no fewer than ten pages in another monthly publication devoted to techniques to install couplers on said freight cars…..

Bill Schneider

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Tony – I agree. I thought it was the best article of its type in decades. – Al Westerfield

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I've sent the following message to Railroad Model Craftsman:

Congratulations to author Mike Evans and to editor Chris D'Amato for the outstanding article on the tank car to covered hopper conversion in the September issue. It is clearly described, beautifully illustrated, and continues the RMC tradition of serious articles on freight car modeling. Great stuff! I'm looking forward to seeing more of it.

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