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Clive Riley

Welcome back Ted – you’ve been missed!!


All the best – Clive Riley.


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I have finally managed to get a web site back up and running. It took a little longer than expected, but in the many years since I last did any web work, things have changed quite a bit (for the better.) I had to start from scratch to create it, but it's a lot easier to create a site than it used to be. That said, here are a few things of note:


The address is now


The only thing "active" are some of the decal sets. By this weekend I expect to have all of the decal and book pages live with the model kit pages to follow.


There is a message on the home page with information about the next projects (besides some decals that will be out this year.) I will add information about a new kit soon, too.


Thanks for everybody's patience.



Ted Culotta

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