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I've sent the following message to Railroad Model Craftsman:

Congratulations to author Mike Evans and to editor Chris D'Amato
for the outstanding article on the tank car to covered hopper
conversion in the September issue. It is clearly described,
beautifully illustrated, and continues the RMC tradition of serious
articles on freight car modeling. Great stuff! I'm looking forward to
seeing more of it.
Agreed all around, Tony. I rarely by model magazines anymore
because so much of what they offer is repititious, especially anything coming out of Kalmbach. But the latest RMC was purchased for the very reason you point out. RMC has done a far better job over the
years of presenting such useful material. Is this not the same car type that ws discussed briefly here a month or so ago as well? With
Ted Culotta now find his circumstances improving to the point that he is re-introducing Speedwitch Media we can hope that RMC, and the rest of us, will also be able to benefit from his "Essential Freight Car" articles once again as well.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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