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Don <riverman_vt@...>

By total accident rather late Wed. evening it was found that there is a new "Mid-Atlantic RPM Meet" being held on 13 & 14 Sept. just over an hour away from where I live when here in Virginia and not home in Vermont. Thus Thur. morning I attempted to learn more about it. First it was found that the website for it takes foorreevver to open but finally did so while I was reading about it on other than the "official" website. Once it did open I got the surprise of my life to find that the snobs that run it really do not have there act together. I have run two fall meets for the Northeastern Region of the NMRA going back as early as 1974 and never had more than two other people working with me to do it. At each we either equalled or exceeded the number of people who attended the Saturday evening banquet with figures in the 250 range.

Since that time I have put together three smaller meetings in Vermont for those of us with specific interests in milk cars and milk trains. These meets have been attended by from 25 to 40 people and seem to have been well enjoyed by those present. I have also attended Dave Owens Collinsville, CT RPM meet whenever possible and have presented clinics there. ALL of these events welcomed anyone who wished to attend. NOT SO the new Mid-Atlantic RPM meet!!!! The organizers limited attendance to themselves and their buddies, allowing only 40 people to attend with no admittance at the door and stating that no one would be allowed in who had not preregistered. What a bunch of snobs! If I had control of the RPM title believe me this group would NEVER be allowed to use it. I can't imagine any of the fine folks I have met at RPM meets in Napierville or Collinsville wanting to be associated with what is supposed to take place in Virginia on the 13th and 14th. Having met a number of great fellow modelers from all over the US and Canada in my years in this hobby, many of whom hae become close friends, I cannot think of a single event such as an RPM or NMRA or SIG meeting that did not welcome anyone who could attend. It appears the clowns responsible for this phoney RPM meet feel they are too good to associate with regular modelers. Is any one interested in a REAL RPM meet at that great Mid-Atlantic crossroads in Frederick, MD in the spring? Bet I can put together a far better meet there in a few months time than these self important snobs can ever arrange.

Just one man's opinion of their snotty attitude, Don Valentine

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