Virginai RPM Meet

Gerry Fitzgerald

Hello All,

Just a few points about the upcoming RPM meet here in Virginia in response to this very negative post. I am not one of the organizers but I am one of the invited clinicians. While Mr. Valentine may have just heard about this meet it was announced months ago. for instance the website has been cross listed on the NMRA James River Division Blog since April 7th. "Local" modelers, and here i refer to people from North Carolina up to New Jersey have been discussing it for months and I know I heard people talking about it as the NMRA National earlier this summer in Atlanta. Registration, which only closed last week, is an unfortunate function of venue space and has nothing to do with the ridiculous insults directed towards the organizers. The organizers, who are very good people, have worked hard for months putting things together and as this is a first time event in the area, opted for a smaller space. That space is now filled and there is no more room for people to attend the clinics so sadly registration has been suspended.

I am hopeful, like many others in the area, that  this meet is successful so that a larger meet may be planned for next year. As I understand it registration was closed in the 80-90 range, not 40, and this was never a closed meet. The venue is just too small to admit hundreds. I have no idea how this weekend will turn out but this posting does nothing to reflect the RPM spirit I have encountered at places like Napierville or the Philadelphia/Pittsburgh meet.

As a long time reader of this listserve let me state that this posting is unfair to the people who are putting this meet together, those who are giving clinics, and those who paid a very reasonable twelve dollars to register. This gentleman owes everyone involved an apology! 



Gerard J. Fitzgerald
Charlottesville, Virginia

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