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In the 1950 list of PRR trucks PRR tracing C422800-E  the following were used on the H30

2E-F2A  Crown with Andrews steel cast frame  5'10 axle spacing C-E spring pack

2E-F10 double truss s.c. 5'8 C-E spring pack

2E-F11 National s.c. 5'6 C-5E spring pack

2E-F12 Young s.c. 5'8 C-5E springs

2E-F14 National s.c. 5'6 C-5E springs

2E-F15 Young s.c. 5'8 C-5E springs

2E-F22 ASF A-3 ride control 5'8 C spring pack

The ASF A-3 is accurate

For more information on PRR trucks  see

Rich Orr

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Just received the new Bowser PRR H30 cars.  Very nice.  Will leave accuracy
comments to those who know although I did peruse TKM 8 since I see what appears
to be an issue.  The model is 254266 showing New 5-35 in the CK scheme.  I model
October, 1954 and will do the appropriate reweigh date.  The trucks are ASF A-3.
These would not have been the original trucks from what I can tell.  Anybody
know what trucks should be under this car?  Thanks.

Eric Mumper

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