Re: model paint in aerosol cans

Rod Miller

On 9/7/13 1:49 PM, wrote:

P-B-L makes the Star Brand paints, but I don't think they are available in aerosol cans.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon
My favorite aerosol paint is SEM Trim Black.


The aerosol can is SO much simpler than setting up
and cleaning the air brush, especially for that
quick job on a loco or freight car part that is
separated from the model. Dries to the touch in
10 min, re-coat, allow 48 hrs for complete cure.
Goes on thick so watch the build-up; most of the
coat will evaporate, leaving a thin dry coat.

Widely available. Get it from Amazon or your local
automotive paint supplier.

I use it (quart can and air brush) to paint steam
engines. Dries to a nice satin (to my eye) finish.

Part number for the aerosol can is 39143, for the
1 quart container 39144. I see from their web site
that they now offer gloss and satin (how the latter
compares to the "satin" finish of the above two
number is unknown).

The web site doesn't show them, I saw other colors
at the store I went to in San Carlos, CA. Mostly
grayish colors. Don't know if they offer any reds,
but I wouldn't attempt painting a complete model
with an aerosol can, also many apparently do (using
other brand paints).


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