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Jack Burgess <jack@...>

I once had a Pasche air eraser which didn't work well at all...clogged easily and, when it worked, it depleted the small container of grit quickly. I'm now using a “Pencil” sand blaster from these guys:


This sand blaster is very simple in design and works very well. I'm using it in a home-made sand blasting cabinet that I described in an article in the  February 2012 RMC.


Jack Burgess


Hi to all


Have any of you out there used any of the model sandblasters to remove paint and other assorted rubbish from brass models.   I have seen two one is a Badger and the other a Pasche.   I am trying to figure out if it is worth my while to purchase one of these and how easy they are to operate.   I have a lot of brass and resin freight cars that needs to be stripped and repainted and the stripping agents seem to be either very harsh to work or don't work at all.   The other problem with resin is of course what has been pointed out here recently regarding differing materials in the kits.   Any ideas?

My apologies if you have seen this post before as it has been sent to another group.




Rob McLear

Kingaroy Australia.

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