New Haven paint and stenciling applied in May 1955

Bill Welch

In the Walter Frost Collection at the Vancouver Library there are three 1937 type New Haven boxcar photos apparently painted in May 1955. Two of the photos are slightly different views of NH 36141 in what appears to be a boxcar red color with a large "NH" to the left of the door while dimensional and weight data, reporting marks, and car number are all to the right of the door. The "N" in the "NH" is barely visible due to the film I am sure. NH 36415 appears to be a black car and the "NH" is all stenciled in white.

Can someone please educate me as to the use of the parallel schemes? I assume there was some sort of marketing or publicity campaign involved. Did IMWX ever do either scheme or has Red Caboose or InterMountain ever offered them? Thank you!

Bill Welch
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