Re: Tichy open grid roof walks

Tony Thompson

Pierre Oliver wrote:

Current etched running boards are indeed too thin, compared to the prototype. 

      Nope. As Tim O'C corre4ctly stated, the Apex grid bars are 1 inch high. The Plano etched board is 0.0085" which in HO is 3/4-inch. The Kadee, to cite one of the best plastic ones out there, is 0.0205" or more than 1-3/4 inch. As Tim says, it is close to DOUBLE the prototype size.

Having said all that, for a metal running board I prefer a too thin item over a too thick item. Just my opinion.

       I agree, and the "too thin" product is CLOSEST to correct thickness. I fail to understand why this set of measurements has to be repeated every year or so, Apparently it is embedded in the consciousness of some modelers that etched metal is "too thin for correct size" -- and then they recommend Kadee, or worse, other brands. Time to face the physical facts, gentlemen or ladies.

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