Re: DL&W 49000-49502 1937 AAR boxcar


I'm late to this thread, but did you find a photo, Mark, and what are your thoughts on it?  

Thanks                    ....Mike Del Vecchio

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Use the search box at the top left of the screen with the purple "Search Groups" and blue "Search Web" buttons to the right. (You'd think, bein' matrix and all, they would have been red and blue buttons.) "Search Groups" is a misleading name. It lets you search through posts only in the particular Group you happen to be viewing.
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Good evening group,

I just picked up an Atlas Trainmaster kit for this car on an impulse. Does anyone have a photo of one pre 1954 so I can see how much work I have in front of me. I can't get the search feature to work for the group since I've been added to the Matrix with Neo or would have started there first.

Thanks in advance
Mark Stamm

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