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Whitings was a Boston based milk company served by the B&M and had a mix of leased milk tank cars and similar cars they had purchased second hand, Their traffic originated mostly in Vermont I believe so it is very unlikely to see a car outside of New England. The photo of a Whiting car in my MDT book was taken in East Chicago,IN which I presume was out there for repairs.

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Years ago--1997--when I lived for a year in Pasadena--oh so close to my beloved Dodgers--I was gifted a large number of decals. This was in the days of the first Email Freight Car Group administered from someone in Cookeville, TN and I gave away several set of things thru this group. Included in the gift was a set for "Whiting's Milk" done by Concord Junction. Years later I came upon a photo of one of their reefers from Arnold Menke I think. Subsequently Walthers offered an express reefer that looked like the car in the photo so I purchased an undec kit which looks pretty good to my eye.

Given the age of the decals I will probably give them a coating of the Microscale product to insure they do not disintegrate when put in water. At the same time I wonder if this company would have made it into the southeastern US. I know precious little about milk movements and milk companies except for what I have read in the hobby press. Given that Concord Junction was/is located in Massachusetts, I am betting Whiting's may have been a New England company.

I am sure there are people in this group that can educate me about Whiting's.

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