Re: 1950's scrap loads

Tony Thompson

Brian Carlson wrote:

I have a few gons to load. I was thinking scrap loads but I am wondering if the scrap loads we see these days of shredded scrap were as common in the 1950’s. My understanding is Electric furnaces were just coming online after WWII. I’m looking threw my books for pics but finding few. Could those around at the time comment.  

        Not sure I know the 1950s answer, but at least since the 1920s there have been several grades of scrap, ranging from light scrap to "heavy melting" which is suitable only for electric furnaces. Mixed scrap of course does and did exist, but is less valuable than single-grade scrap. Any large scrap generator would grade the outgoing loads. Some of the commercial model scrap loads have been kind of silly, with complete automobiles resting on top. I know better than to say "never" but that kind of thing is very rare, to say the least.

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