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Benjamin Scanlon

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Ben Scanlon asked:
"It's commented that the CNJ had Z section truss cars with composite ends. I have found a 2003 RailModel Journal article on some cars that may be these ones, the XMd and XMe boxcars.  The plans in there are not scanned well and one cannot see the height data.

I wanted to ascertain the inner height of the CNJ cars as I am told that the Accurail car is too tall by the order of 7-12".
Can anyone please confirm the height of the CNJ composite Z section truss cars?"
Article from the February 2003 issue of Railmodel Journal:
The CNJ 17000-17499 cars represented by the equipment diagram in the article were 8 ft 2 in IH cars, making them 10" shorter than the Accurail model.  Be advised that CNJ did own true USRA SS boxcars, and referring to their other boxcars as "USRA boxcars" is misleading and incorrect.
Ben Hom

Thank you. I believe I did not so refer to them. Not this time around, anyroad. I only point out that out as I took care not to, having had my fingers burnt in the past.


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