Re: PRR K8 Stock Cars


The PRRT&HS has drawings available in its archives.  You can check them out on

As for the number one would need to model, just looking at the percent of the PRR fleet is not going to work.  As with flat cars and to a lessor extend gons, these need to be looked at as a special purpose cars.  In the 1950's the PRR primarily moved livestock in three trains east  FW-8, NW-88 and NW-86.  The two NW trains carried hogs only east of Columbus.  FW-8 carried cattle, lambs, hogs and occasionally fowl.  If you model any of these trains you need more than the sub 1% of the fleet.  In 1953 the PRR stock are fleet was fairly evenly divided between the K7a and K8.  By 1958, the K8 the principle stock car with a ration of approximately  8:1  If you do not model any of these trains, then the occasional west bound empty might show if you are modeling the PRR mainline or if the branch you are modeling happens to have been one which generated livestock you may need one or two.

Rich Orr

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