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Mr. Phillips,  Do you have any information as to what dates are covered by the train sheets, or at least the era? FHP (Frank H. Peacock)

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TELL TALE EXTRA: Train Sheets A Go-Go!

On Saturday, October 5, our Auburn, Washington presentation will be The Stories Train Sheets Tell. Bob Kelly of the GNRHS, with NP/BNSF Dispatcher Dave Sprau and Purdue's own Kent Sullivan, will discuss the daily operation of Northwest railways using train sheets from the Great Northern, Milwaukee Road and the Northern Pacific. Information for topics from history to modeling to genealogy may be gleaned from these records of daily division operations, revealing a myriad of interconnected stories.

Five dollars for adults, four dollars for kids and seniors.
Free for White River Valley Museum Life, Engineer and above members.

Due to government cutbacks, we may be charging for snacks and beverages at this show (to be determined). Bringing along two or three dollars in small bills is recommended. Remember, we do not take Visa and we sure do not take American Express!

Saturday, October 5, 2013.

918 H Street Southeast, Auburn, Washington, 98002.

Open house at the Museum from 630-730 PM, presentation at the Senior Center right across the street from 730-10 PM.

For maps, photos and more information on the Museum's many railway collections, visit them on the Web at -- their holdings include collections from NP Roundhouse Foreman Harold Burch, articles from the Northwest's own Dave Sprau, and BN Industrial Agent Robert E. Munn!

"I will put down the informal history of the shirt-sleeve multitude," says Inez Mischitz. "What they had to say about their jobs, love affairs, vittles, sprees, scrapes and and sorrows. The oral history is a great hodgepodge and kitchen midden of hearsay. A repository of jabber. An omnium-gatherum of bushwah, gab, palaver, hogwash, flap-doodle and malarkey. The fruit of more than 20,000 conversations. What people say is history, what we used to think was history, is only formal history, and largely false. I will put down the informal history or I will perish in the attempt."

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