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George Courtney



  I understand with Jerry it's the better looking you are the worse your service.  I've gotten decals back in under two months.   I'm placing a order this week.


George Courtney 

On Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 6:38 PM, Andy Carlson <midcentury@...> wrote:

Jerry Glow is producing artwork for the pre-1934 D&RGW "Fowler" 40' SS boxcar for me. I have seen the digital proofs, and it is to his usual high standards. It will be printed to 120:1 (TT scale) for the small scenic standard gauge interchange track for my TTn3 layout, set in 1928. Gerry has done custom decals for me in the past, and the quality is well beyond acceptable.

He says that making a decal to any scale is not a big deal after the art work is finished.  Anyone want a TT D&RGW Fowler decal set?????

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

     Jerry Glow did some decals for KCS SS boxcars for me in S, I am sure he could produce them in other scales if needed.  Know you were asking about roof material, but I thought this lead was worth emaailing.


Bob McCarthy


Fenton Wells
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