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Right you are, Ben Hom. The 35 Susie PS-1s were delivered with the streamliner-era S-ball, sans-seriff. The lighter-weight S-ball with seriffs was a later repaint.

Careful, too, about a tiny Susie PS-1 detail often overlooked - a portion of them had marker brackets on all four corners for Railway Express service and run as the last car on some passenger trains. The lone surviving car, 402, still has the marker brackets and no evidence of steam lines. All but two were sold to the Monon, and it's unlikely the Monon would have removed the brackets so pictures should show them.

That Fowler boxcar mentioned previsouly in this thread also had marker brackets on four corners, and at one time steam lines. Could these have been the only Fowler boxcars in passenger service?

....Mike Del Vecchio

Speaking of facts, I don't know why some people still refer to said cars as "Fowler" cars when those more familiar with them refer to them as Dominion Cars after their first builder. The Fowler patent extended only to the method of attaching the single sheathing, using
elongagated slots, rather than holes for the attachment bolts. This was to allow the bolts to be loosened after the sheathing had weathered and supposedly developed gaps between the boards. That did not occur as much as Mr. Fowler apparently thought it would so the elongagated slots were quickly discontinued in favor of bored holes.
I doubt anay of these cars constructed after 1913 made use of the Fowler patent and doubt even more that any cars constructed in the US made use of it. This would include those owned by the Susquehanna, Erie and NC&StL. Thus Dominion Car is a far more accurate label for these cars. Are there any surviving examples of these cars that used the patent? Perhaps the GTR car at the CRHA? Can't recall.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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