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Dave Sarther

While the Front Range kits were close to the prototype of the combination door cars used on the railroads they lack many details specific and uniquely original to the actual prototype cars built by or for the railroads.  For anyone looking for accurate 40' combination door car kit components to build either the CB&Q, GN or NP versions of these ubiquitous freight cars contact Chad Boas.  ChadBoas@...  Reviews of the GN and NP components are offered in the Summer 2012 editions of the GN and NP historical society publications. 
If you are at the 2013 Naperville Conference, Chad Boas will be there, as will I, to answer any questions you might have about the 40' combination door cars of the CB&Q, GN or NP.  The combination door cars of the Rock Island and UP were slightly different in design from these cars and warrant further study by modelers.  If you can't come to the 2013 Naperville Conference don't hesitate to contact either Chad or myself for more information.
Later,  Dave Sarther     Tucson, Az

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>> I have 2 old Front Range 0 foot ACF rivet side, double door, 13 foot opening box car kits.
>> They are lettered for CPR but I don't believe they had anything like these. They are pretty nice
>> castings so I was thinking about repainting them. However, I can't find any information about a
>> prototype. Was there really a car like this or are these made up? Are they worth messing with?
>> Thanks for any help, Dave Lawler

Dave there were 40' double door cars with R+3/4 ends and diagonal panel roofs
built for GN and WABASH to name two, but there are changes you'd have to make to
duplicate those prototypes. I think the UP also had such cars.

Don't just consider cars with double doors -- also look for combination door
cars. Again I'm pretty sure UP had cars of this type. GN had them too but the
Accurail car has the correct 12' opening for the GN cars. I think the Accurail
cars came originally from McKean.

I guess you could say they were "made up" because I've never heard of any
100% exact match.

Tim O'Connor

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