Re: 3-Dome GATX Type 30 Tank Car from Tangent make surprise debut


Well, toss me into the unenlightened title as well. I would like some more specifics as well please. What stenciling other than wheel repacking or re-weight date would be needed? TIA.

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Mark. You read Tony's message incorrectly. The STCX reporting marks were retired by the 50's. He stated you could start with the Tangent 1958 car and back date that to the late 40's. 

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I'm not very enlighten when it comes to tanks cars.  Where you referring to structural or cosmetic changes to back date the STCX to the late '40's?


Mark P Stamm

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The STCX mark had been retired by the 50s. Celanese is fine (photo basis). The "58" scheme can be backdated as far back as late '40s.
Tony Thompson

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Had no problem going to the site using Google Chrome from Denmark, just tested again.
Maybe the rest of the production is for export only :-)
Nice looking cars by the way. What scheme would be the correct to use for the early 1950's on the western part of the Santa Fe system?
The STCX with a date patch,  the Celanese as is or is there an earlier GATX scheme not yet made by Tangent?
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Tom Larsen
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"Tangent Scale Models introduces a HO scale 6,000 gallon, three-compartment General American Tank Car. Four paint schemes + undecorated kits and undecorated assembled versions.  "

    Yesterday I tried to order a couple of these but their site would not accept the order.  Today I tried to go to the site but it not there according to IE.  Anyone have any ideas?

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