Re: 3-Dome GATX Type 30 Tank Car from Tangent make surprise debut

Nelson Moyer <ku0a@...>

Someone in Lisle mentioned that only three of the road numbers offered were ‘real’ numbers for the stenciled dates. Could whoever has that information please post it to the list?



Nelson Moyer


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!943 ORER only lists 4 SCTX cars under General American -   3 cars between 1000 and 2299, and car 9234 (one of the car numbers offered by Tangent)


Ted Culotta's tank car reference book shows MPCX 55 on pg 64 that seems to be a very good candidate for an undec model.


It's great to see Tangent take the plunge into the pre-war II fleet. But I hope they at least break even on this car. The data I have access to is pretty sketchy on the number of three-compartment cars, but photos would suggest that this is not a car for fleet purchases - one or two at the most.


This car may test the marketing question of which sells more - "cute" but relatively rare cars that a large percentage of modelers may buy one or two of, or common cars (like the Union type X cars) that are pretty plain, but large layout owners and the modular guys will buy a bunch of.


Wishing Tangent the best of luck and kudos for the model, and taking the risk.


I'll be buying STCX 9234 for sure, and maybe one or two undecs if the proper decals are/become available (e.g. MPCX 55, which the 1943 ORER suggests at least 10 cars like this existed (50-59), perhaps a few more.)


Dave Evans

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I took some photos of the Tangent car within the past hour, they were sitting on a display table. I have created a photo album and am uploading at the moment (very slow connection at the hotel). When posted they will be awaiting approval by Mike or Jeff, which hopefully will happen soon.


Doug Harding


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