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This happens to me, too, on occasion.  Seemingly by random selection.  I'm using Safari.  Also, sometimes messages don't open when I click on them.  I can copy and paste and then it works.  Gee, just imagine if Yahoo cared.


Edward Sutorik 

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Thanks Mark, might be something to do with my PC running Win XP sp3, Firefox and NEO. When I click on the msg I get only the name and date line and clicking on that gets me nothing. 

Dave Snyder

Louisville, Ky.

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Not sure what the problem is you are having. I have been using the new NEO UI with IE, Chrome and Safari without trouble on W7 & 8 plus my iPad.  Below is the content of Tom's message HTH.


"Tank and safety valve test data, the ICC or ARA car class and the builder and built date, opposite the reporting marks. On multiple compartment (sometimes called 2-dome, 3-dome, etc.) tank cars there will be volumetric capacity data on each compartment. Don’t forget information on the heater coils if equipped.

Thomas N. Birkett, PE

Chief Engineer

Southwestern Tank Line, LLC"

Mark P Stamm

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The msg prior to this one from Tom Birkett, I can see partial text until I try to open it and then all I get is the sender name and date/time in topic or individual msg mode. This has happened a few times before and I keep trying until I get frustrated and go to another group or quit Yahoo. This msg I really would like to read, anybody know what I am doing wrong or a workaround? I keep trying to learn this NEO, but I can't say it's user friendly. TIA.

Dave Snyder
Louisville, Ky.

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