Re: NEO proplem?

Douglas Harding

Dave, it is not your computer or your software. However you are correct, in that you cannot read Tom’s message if you are attempting to view the message on the yahoo website. I get the group messages sent as emails to my email address, which I read in MS Outlook2010 on my computer running Win7. I had no problems with Tom’s message, except I noticed it was in blue indicating he was using an email program to send his message with formatting that Yahoo apparently does not like. HOWEVER, when I went to the Yahoo website, Tom’s message is not visible in the NEO format. It is there, but the message (what I see in blue) is not visible.


The new NEO format lets you see messages (conversations in the new Yahoo language) three ways. You can click on conversations, then choose topics, messages or trends.


Topics lets you follow a particular message, ie Tangents new tank car, all the way through every message that has been posted on that subject (topic).


Messages lets you see the messages in numerical order, as they are posted. This is the way we use to see them listed before NEO.


Trending is when Yahoo senses a particular message/topic is getting lots of attention and they move it to the top of the list, thinking everyone will want to see that subject first.


None of these views will let you see Tom’s message, so it is obviously a problem between his email program formatting and Yahoo’s interpretation of that message formatting. However you can see what Tom wrote if you open the message then click on “view source”. This will let you see all the code, but buried in there is the entirety of the words of Tom’s actual message. If you know what to look for.


I have no idea if there is a way around this problem. I agree the NEO format is not easy to use and is causing no end of grief to users and group owners alike.


Doug Harding (a frustrated yahoo group owner)


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