Re: 3-Dome GATX Type 30 Tank Car from Tangent make surprise debut


I am personally happy to see these cars appear from Tangent. The need for 3, 5, and yes, even six dome tanks is really higher than the above comments suggest.

I am not a rivit counter by any means but the "flavor" of modelling WWII and the late 40's demand a few of these cars.  I have seen photo's from this era that show solid tank trains with 3 and 5 dome cars randomly placed in the consist. 

One of Tony's SP books (don't remember which one and can't access it at this time) has photographs of a large refinery along the California coast with three and five dome tanks in the refinery yard waiting to be loaded.  They did not look like 6,000 gal. tanks but at last this is a start!


Ben Heinley

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Mark Stamm wrote:

I'm not very enlighten when it comes to tanks cars.  Where you referring to structural or cosmetic changes to back date the STCX to the late '40's?

     I was talking about the '58 GATX scheme. By 1943 there were only 7 unrepainted STCX cars, so I would say that only the earliest '40s would be okay, and probably only pre-1940 is really credible for the STCX cars.

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