Re: 3-Dome GATX Type 30 Tank Car from Tangent make surprise debut

Douglas Harding

Bruce, Jerry, and all. The erroneous ACI label and the 1958 date connection came from a posting I made, based upon a conversation I had with someone at the Tangent table. It has since been made very clear that the 1958 scheme does not have an ACI label. What I was told when asking about a car for my 1949 time frame was “you can cover over the ACI label and change the 1958 dates” to modify a GATX paint scheme to make it appropriate. The rest of the lettering is the same.


The ACI label is immaterial. If one looks at the photos of the Tangent 1958 scheme, you will see 1958 all over the thing. Far too many, and too small, to look at changing them all. I will just wait for a time appropriate model, which I was assured would be coming in the future.


Doug Harding


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