Chris Adams

Hi all,

I just posted to the ProtoLayouts group, so my apologies in advance to anybody that's "met" me already %^)  I've been lurking there as well as here for a while now and learning a lot.  But now that I'm finally building a layout - and trying my best to build accurate freight cars to run on that layout, I figured it was time to quit lurking, introduce myself, and start posting when I have something to contribute.

I'm modeling the New Haven Railroad's Connecticut Valley Line as it was in October, 1947. I have a huge advantage (and, unfortunately, little excuse to get it wrong) since I live right next door to the line and actually work on its southern portion ( Here in Connecticut, we're also blessed with a number of railroad museums that have preserved freight equipment - though of course, not always the specific prototype I need!  So the STMFC list is a real help.

I'll certainly chime in here when I can, but I'm starting to post progress on my website at - if you get a chance, stop by. I'll appreciate any tips/suggestions/guidance from you guys here that have so much more experience in this than I do.


Relevant to this group, my latest post has pics of some of my freight cars.  Be kind though - they're the first resin freight car kits I've built. :^)

Best regards,


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