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I fear that misconceptions about the Tangent Scale Models General American tank cars will jeopardize the very significant investment Tangent Scale Models has made in this product. I ask each of you to look at the model photos, available on our website, to see for yourself what each factory painted model looks like and how you might modify it to suit your exacting tastes. Please keep in mind that Tangent would like to offer other paint schemes and other cars in the future, but that all depends on how this first run of tank cars does!

To be clear, a 1949 modeler has no reason to buy the 1968 model with an ACI label. We offer a 1958 lettered scheme that can be backdated with date changes should you choose to.

For those that want to paint their own from scratch, there is a nice GATX decal set available from Al Ferguson of Black Cat Decals. Here: and it is set GAT 20717. I know of no other decal sets that approach the overall quality of the GATX lettering found in this set, but I am unsure whether it has all of the exacting data needed to mark a 3 compartment, 6,000 gallon, GA-built tank properly.

David Lehlbach
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Are GATX or other appropriate owner decals available for late steam era circa 1949-1953? If so, I’d buy some undecorated cars to paint and decal. I noticed that undecorated cars are only $5 more than the kits, so why build a kit?

Nelson Moyer

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Bruce, Jerry, and all. The erroneous ACI label and the 1958 date connection came from a posting I made, based upon a conversation I had with someone at the Tangent table. It has since been made very clear that the 1958 scheme does not have an ACI label. What I was told when asking about a car for my 1949 time frame was “you can cover over the ACI label and change the 1958 dates” to modify a GATX paint scheme to make it appropriate. The rest of the lettering is the same.

The ACI label is immaterial. If one looks at the photos of the Tangent 1958 scheme, you will see 1958 all over the thing. Far too many, and too small, to look at changing them all. I will just wait for a time appropriate model, which I was assured would be coming in the future.

Doug Harding

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