AC/C&G Decal Boxcar Possibilities (was Re: MR plans from disk.)

Benjamin Hom

Armand Premo asked:
"While conducting a recent archeological dig through my horde [sic] of decals I discovered Champ sets for Algoma Central and Columbus & Greenville. Can anyone tell me of any boxcar kits that would be appropriate for these roads?"
Algoma Central: Accurail 4100 is very close to AC 3101-3200.
Larger file of the same photo from the pay side of the RPI website:
Columbus & Greenville: If it's the set with the triangular herald, Sunshine 39.22 is the best kit (which already has decals for the car).  However, there is an option to do a quickie Tan-Dot kitbash of the Walthers/Train-Miniature SS boxcar (as Nehrich did in the following link from the pay side of the RPI website) or if you have time on your hands, a more extensive kitbash using the Walthers/T-M sides with an Accurail Hutchins roof, "squashed" Dreadnaught ends from another source, and a new underframe.
Ben Hom

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