Re: Most needed car?

Douglas Harding

Mike you have shown the true beauty of this list, Education. Now I know what a UP HK-50-4 is, a ballast hoppers. Thank You. And based upon the information you shared, I can now make an intelligent decision. I don’t need any HK-50-4 ballast hoppers.


Yes I model the M&StL. But the M&StL did not use ballast. It used cinders, limestone in heavy traffic areas. Cinders came from their own steam engines, no need to purchased, and was hauled in former wood gons converted to cinder cars. Limestone came from the various sand and gravel pits found along the M&StL lines. Most of this was shipped in the 50 steel side-dump gons built for the Iowa Central in 1908, or the fleet of 250 USRA drop bottom gons purchased in 1920, or the fleet of 125 ex CNW USRA gons acquired in 1942 or the 250 steel drop bottom gons purchased new in 1947. As the USRA drop bottom gon is available from InterMountain, who did their first run in M&StL paint and which I purchased at the time, my potential need for ballast cars is covered. Which is a good thing, because I don’t recall ever seeing anything moving whenever I have visited Bruceford.


And yes the tank car is needed on the M&StL. A lot of petroleum products moved up the line from Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas to the farmers of Iowa and Minnesota. Tank cars are needed, even a 6000 gal 3 dome version. I am regretting not purchasing an undec the other day at the Naperville meet, as I saw the Black Cat decals laying on the table next to the Tangent display. But the Tangent rep assured me that the future may well produce a car appropriately lettered for my 1949 world, and I am patient. I can wait.


Now as to cars we do need, lets see meat reefers are coming (they are coming? right Bill?) and there are many stockcars out there. What else is there?


Doug Harding


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