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Andy Miller

I for one am thrilled to see the return of C&BT. As already mentioned they
are the only source for many freight cars. But more than that they are a
return to KITS! I have more freight cars than I can possibly run at an op
session, and no storage space for more. As a result the only cars I buy are
interesting kits of either rare models of common prototypes or challenging
to build. The modern trend among many model RRers to not buy anything that
won't roll out of the box onto the tracks on its own, has pushed me away
from the hobby, I know all to many model RRers who believe that having to
replace couplers is scratch building and an unnecessary imposition on their
TV time.

I know that C&BT kits were of good, but not great quality, but they
represent a great starting point for building the kind of models I like.
While new companies like Tangent and Exactrail et. al. produce far better
looking cars that roll out of the box onto the tracks on their own, they
represent fillers in my trains and a liability in my storage space. The
pride of any train I run are the cars I built and/or detailed myself. I
still believe that the "model" in model railroading is a verb!

Welcome back C&BT.

Andy Miller

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Dick still owns and runs the business.

There are a number of items in the line that are out of stock, and based on
discussions we have had, I doubt that will change.

As Ben mentioned, in some cases his cars are still the only game in town.

The bodies, doors etc are OK, as long as you don't mind the cast on ladders

The walks are usually terrible, but Plano has etched ones available, and
A-line make nice stirrups.

Kit wheels are also worthy of replacement.

That said they can be build into a reasonable car and with some moderate
upgrading, can hold their own with Accurail and Atlas Trainman.

I have a few that I use on our portable club layout.

They certainly are not on a par with the highly detailed Tangent, Exactrail
etc etc offerings available today - and neither is their price.


Dave North

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