Re: 3-Dome GATX Type 30 Tank Car from Tangent make surprise debut



Well I got home and have to admit this tank car is definatly a highlight of the show. I have a whole wack of decal sets that will require some additions to cover this car. 
If all you want to do is backdate and change numbers on the '58 car, the set has a number jumble and the following dates: '29 '32 '35  '39 '41 '43 '47 '50 '55, G.A.T.X. and GATX and a lot of tested data.
What I will be adding will be the  A, B, C, & 2000 GALs for the 3 domes and probably a new light weight, (these were small puppies) for the undecs. Anything else that you might want let me know offline in the next week or so.
Allen Ferguson
Black Cat Publishing
I got the impression from gestures at the nearby (to Tangent) “Black Cat Decals” table that Allen would be modifying his GATX decal set for a 40s era set for these cars. Just my impression.

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