Re: 3-Dome GATX Type 30 Tank Car from Tangent make surprise debut

Richard Hendrickson

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1) I notice that on the Tangent web site these tank cars are
listed as part of "The Richard Hendrickson Collection" (sic).
If Richard is involved I think it is highly unlikely that any of
the numbers or lettering schemes are wrong. That name
may just be a 'tribute' and Richard may not be actually
supplying the research.

Jim, I did indeed supply numerous photos to David Lehlbach of Tangent, who is meticulous both in his prototype research and in his attribution of sources.

2) Wouldn't the change of brake rigging result in the tank
car equivalent of a reweigh ... and therefore the data
would be re-stenciled? (Not the "built date" but the
"reweigh date".)
And how about if the cars were re-painted. Certainly
they would have a new "reweigh date" ... and I would not
expect them to go 30 years without re-painting.

You're suffering from some misconceptions here, Jim.  The application of AB air brakes in place of KC equipment usually added enough weight that cars were reweighed when this was done, but not always; the stenciled tank car light weights apparently could vary considerably from actual weight.  As for repainting,  the photographic evidence suggests that GATX cars were repainted around every 10-12 years in the steam/transition eras, but there were certainly exceptions. However, repainting changed the weights so little that the cars were almost never reweighed after repainting unless other work (e.g., AB brakes, truck replacement) was also carried out at the same time.  It was not unusual to see cars that were 20 or 30 years old with "NEW" reweigh dates.  In fact, as an extreme example, I have a photo of a UTLX VanDyke tank car taken c. 1951 which still bore "NEW 4 12" as a reweigh date, despite the fact that its arch bar trucks had been replaced by much heavier cast steel integral-journal-box trucks.

Richard Hendrickson

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