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Indeed, Douglas. Ted Culotta's Essential Freight Car #8 is a CN' 40' steel-frame boxcar. Numbered CN 503500-513499, these ten thousand 1929-1931-built cars were seen all over North American rails.

Accurail makes a very nice shake-the-box model that can be detailed up for slightly different predecessor CN 500500-503499, of which CN had 3,000.  But only resin kits are available for the CN 503500- series.

Though I must admit that I will buy some UTLX X-3's when they come out...

Steve Lucas.   

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Steve a good start would be the series of 46 articles that Ted Cullotta published in Railroad Model Craftsman, titled “Essential Freight Cars”

While many of the models are resin, this list certainly provides a list of important models that have already been offered in HO.


Doug Harding


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