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Ben Hom wrote:
“I also take that little, if any, upgrading of tooling has been done unless you can confirm otherwise.  I'm also curious if the PRR Class X29B model will ever see the light of day.  If offered in an Accurail-quality kit (i.e., no terrible detail parts or warped underframes) with quality paint schemes, it should sell well, even as a one-road car (especially as the Merchandise Service MS1 paint scheme is correct for Class X29B).”


As far as I can tell, the cars currently available are from the same runs as cars I bought back 20 years ago.

The cars I have focused as the 10’6” Santa Fe cars so I don’t know about the X29B.

To be fair, I haven’t encountered any warped underframes on the cars I’ve built, but I agree about the detail parts.
“I balk at burning a Plano running board on a Tan-Dot car, but the availability of better quality trucks and wheelsets and Accurail and Branchline parts provide good fodder to replace the underframe and detail parts.”

The cars needed Apex or Morton walks so it was etched or nothing, and I’m happy with the result, while being realistic about the limitations of the cars.



Dave North 


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