Re: C&BT Car Shops

Tim O'Connor

I believe all of the C&BT tooling was modified to include cast on ladders
and grabs. Between that and the poor quality of the details and oversized
rivets, and the availability of Branchline and Red Caboose and Accurail
10'6" 40 foot box car kits, what's the attraction? I still have a fair
number of the original C&BT kits and have sold a few to people who have
been looking for particular versions.

The tooling on the Santa Fe reefer sides is good, but the rest of the kit
is execrable, esp if you place it next to an Intermountain SFRD ice reefer.

Tim O'Connor

I've used C&BT Shops shells then detail them with Archer rivets, Kadee, Branchline, Plano and other detail parts and Microscale decals. I have even laser printed some decals to fill in special needs (OK as long as you don't need white lettering). In the end, you can end up with a good looking car that no one manufactures RTR. By the way, some C&BT Shops cars were made without cast-on ladders, so you can add your own. The only serious shortcoming is the cast-on ends, Makes it difficult (but not impossible) to select a different end pattern.

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