Re: MR plans from disk.


Gentlemen, I suggest you look at the lifespan on the CD/DVD disk formats. I initially was quiet taken by their ease of use and zooming and scanning qualities. Mass produced commercial disks can last as little as three yrs and as much as 8 yrs. More expensive grades can be had at greater cost of course. Wikipedia has some good info on them. I still like them for ease of use, but dropping $50 or so for something that won't last 10 yrs in a lot of cases dampened my fascination.  And I'm sure glad I didn't dump my hard copies.

Dave Snyder

Louisville, Ky.

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Hi Denny,

I bought the DVD set for much the same reason as others have stated.

I have a large expanse of wall area dedicated to magazines, and was contemplating replacing those mags with digital copies.

My experience related to freight car drawings.

I found the search function relatively easy to use.

Once I found the drawing, I printed it and like Charlie, found the resolution was too low to read the lettering detail (I wanted this so I could make accurately lettered decals).

I then retrieved the original hard copy and photocopied the drawing.

Completely legible – no fuzzyness at all.

So at this point I’m contemplating going through my MRs and removing and keeping loco and car drawings, while discarding the balance of each magazine.


Dave North


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